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A selection of our childrens books.We sell a variety of publications on Isle of Wight and regional geology, fossils, natural history and (you've guessed it!) dinosaurs. We continually add to our list of publications, some of which are listed below. If you wish to make an enquiry or purchase a book please email the shop.

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Isle of Wight geology and fossils

The Isle of Wight (Geologists' Association Guide No. 60), by Allan Insole, Brian Daley & Andy Gale.

An overview of the Island's geology, its underlying structure (in simple terms) and mass movements; from the oldest early-Cretaceous sediments through to the youngest Holocene gravels and peats. A number of (mainly coastal) fossil walks are described, with details of access, sediments and fossil content.
G.A. Guide No. 60£12.00

Geology of the Isle of Wight

Companion Guide to the Isle of Wight Geology Map

BEG Map£
Isle of Wight Geology Map, 1:50,000 scale. Published by the British Geological Survey. Supplied in folded form.
English Wealden Fossils edited by David J Batten

The Lower Cretaceous Wealden rocks of south-east England, the Isle of Wight and Dorset contain a great range of fossils belonging to many different groupes of organisms.  A few are quite common, but many are rare and require considerable searching.  Nevertheless, interesting and important finds continue to be made on a regular basis.  This volume provides well-illustrated descriptions and discussions of all the fossil groups that may be encountered in the succession.  It is the most comprehensive account of the Wealden fauna and flora to have been published so far.

Please note that due to the weight of this book P&P will be £5
Wealden Fossils£24.00
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Isle of Wight natural history and archaeology

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International and regional geology and fossils

Fossils of the Gault Clay Edited by Jeremy R Young, Andrew S Gale, Robin I Knight & Andrew B Smith
code 523695

The Albian (Lower Cretaceous) Gault Clay of south-east England and north-east France covers only a small area, but contains a wide variety of well preserved invertebrate and vertebrate fossil remains.  The coastal exposures at Folkstone, Kent and at Wissant, in the Pas de Calais, are particularly well known to collectors, and in this field guide, written by a variety of experts in the field, is the most comprehensive illustrated account of the Gault fauna yet to have been published.
Fossils of the Gault Clay£18.00
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General geology and palaeontology text books

Invertebrate Palaeontology and Evolution by E.N.K. Clarkson. Softback. 4th Edition.

This 452 page book contains a wealth of information on non-vertebrate fossils and their evolution. Clearly written and supported by a number of black-and-white images, line-drawings and tables this book is aimed at the student; however its language is suitable for those who wish to dip into it for reference on specific subjects.

Invertebrate Palaeontology and Evolution£27.50
Fossils of the Chalk 2nd edition, edited by A.B.Smith & D.J.Batten, The Palaeontological Association. 374 pages.

Lists and identifies many fossils found throughout the Chalk, identifies areas of England where the Chalk differs from the norm. Includes typical bryozoans, ammonites, nautiloids, gastropods, bivalves, brachiopods, arthropods, echinoderms, fishes and reptiles. A good identification guide.

Fossils of the Chalk£14.00
Kingfisher Field Guide - Rocks & Minerals of the World Field Guide Rocks & Minerals£10.99
Fossil Ecosystems of North America by John R Nudds & Paul A Selden
code 760880

Most major recent advances in understanding the history of life on earth have been made through the study of exceptionally well preserved biotas (fossil - Lagerstatten). Following the success of their Evolution of Fossil Ecosystems, the authors concentrate in this new volume on fourteen Lagerstatten in North America.

Chapters place each biota in its evolutionary context, provide a history of study of the locality, its sedementology, stratigraphy and palaeoenvironment, a description of the biota and a comparison with other similar Lagerstatten.  A useful appendix lists relevant museums and gives suggestions for visiting the sites. 
Fossil Ecosystems of North America£24.95
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Dinosaurs - text books

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Dinosaurs - childrens books

Making Dinosaur Robots from Junk by Stephen Munzer 

Will dinosaurs rule the world?  Find out by making your own working dinosaur robots from easy-to-find household throwaways.

easy to follow step-by-step instructions.  Five different dinobots to make. 
Making Dinosaur Robots from Rubbish£9.99

Stegosaurs the Dinosaur with the Spiky Spine 

It had a tiny head, a terrible tail and big spiky plates on its back.  But stegosaurus...

Didn't do much fighting
Didn't do much running
and didn't do much thinking at all!
Stegosaurus with Spiky Spine£3.99
Cut and Make a Dinosur Skeleton Cut & Make a Dinosaur Skeleton£3.00
Dinoburps by Ciaran Murtagh
code 120853

It's the hottest summer anyone in Saberton can remember and caveboy Charlie Flint has invented a brand new fizzy drink to keep the dinosaurs cool.  But there is an unexpected side effect: loud, smelly dinoburps.

To start with everyone finds it amusing, but the burping continues even when the dinosaurs stop drinking the pop.  No one can get any sleep and there's a horribe smelly fog lingering over Saberton!  What's Charlie going to do?
The Cleverest Dinosaur by Don Lessem
code 343455

Troodon was probably as clever as a modern bird!

Gigantosaurus could recognise the smell of other dinosaurs from very far away.

Deinoychus may have worked together to sneak up on prey!
Feathered Dinosaurs by Don Leesem
code 133395

Caudipyeryx may have used its tail feathers to attract a mate.

Microraptor had feathered arms and legs that looked like wings.

Sinosauropteryx was covered with thick fuzz taht probably helped keep it warm.
The Fastest Dinosaurs by Don Leesem
code 343417

Gallimimus could probably outrun a sandstorm.

Struthiomimus could run up to 100 kilometres per hour.

Microraptor might have used its speed to help it take off into the air.
Armoured Dinosaurs by Don Leesem
code 133371

The thick body armour of Ankylosaurus was stronger than the teeth of Tyrannosaurs rex.

Gastonia had eyelids covered with bone.

Euoplocephalus could swing its tail club like a weapon.
Lift-the-giant-flap-book Brontosaurus Bathtime

Rub-a-dub-dub it's Brontosaurus in a tub!

Astrosaurs - Riddle of the Raptors by Steve Cole

Teggs is no ordinary dinosaur - he's an Astrosaur!  Captain of the amazing spaceship DSS Sauropod, he goes on dangerous missions and fights evil - along with his faithful crew, Gipsy, Arx and Iggy.

When a greedy gang of meat-eating raptores raid the Sauropod and kidnap two top athletes, Teggs and his crew race to the rescue.  But there's more to raptor's plot than meets the eye.  Can Teggs solve their rascally riddle in time?

Riddle of the raptors£
Astrosaurs - The Hatching Horror by Steve Cole

Teggs is taking some desperate dinosaurs and their precious eggs to begin a new life on a remote planet.  But some nasty egg-eating oviraptors are chasing after them .... and the planet itself has a sinister surprise hidden deep inside!

Hatching Horror£6.99
Astrosaurs - The Seas of Doom by Steve Cole

A huge sea monster is on the loose in the watery world of Aqua Minor, and the astrosaurs are sent to help.  But when Teggs and Gipsy travel to the bottom of the sea to investigate, they find BIG trouble.....

Seas of doom£
Astrosaurs - The Mind-Swap Menace by Steve Cole

The Sauropod crew are in for a shock when they bump into some meat-eating criminals deep in space.  The carnivores have a strange machine that will let them swap places with Teggs and Iggy!  Can Arx and Gipsy work out who's who and put things right - before it's too late?


Mind Swap Menace£
Astrosaurs - The Skies of Fear by Steve Cole

Disaster has struck Squark Major, the pterosaur planet.  It's people have forgotten how to fly . . . all except a sinister stranger named Grandum who now plans to rule the world.  Can Teggs and the team stop him and put things right - before it's too late?

Skies of Fear£6.99
Astrosaurs - The Space Ghosts by Steve Cole

The astrosaurs are sent to planet Creepus, where diplodocus miners are searching for space rocks.  But they are being disrupted by mysterious, glowing ghosts!  What do the spirits want?  Teggs searches for the answer in spooky caves, where an old enemy lies in wait.....

Space Ghosts£6.99
Astrosaurs - Day of the Dino-Droids by Steve Cole

The astrosaurs hit trouble when their ship is pulled into a black hole.  They are spat out near their space HQ - but nothing is as it seems.  As old friends turn into deadly emenies, Teggs must fight against an army of dino-droids - before they conquer the universe.

Dino Droids£6.99
Astrosaurs - The Terror-Bird Trap by Steve Cole

On the planet Atlantos, two dino-tribes are on the verge of war!  Hurrying to save the day, the astrosaurs find monster-sized birds on the scene - but are they there to help or to make things worse?  Teggs must learn the truth before a terrible trap closes around them all.....
Terror Bird Trap£4.99
Astrosaurs - The Planet of Peril by Steve Cole

When the astrosaurs set off to help Arx's relatives, they know something sinister lies in store for them.  Monsters prowl the triceratops' planet - monsters with hideous fangs, earth-trembling roars and very, very long legs.  But what do they want?  The answer leads Teggs into a deadly showsown with some old ememies...


Planet of Peril£
Astrosaurs - The Star Pirates by Steve Cole

When several spaceships go missing, the astrosaurs investigate - and find themselves under attack from star pirates!  These space bandits are looting ships for their treasure.  But they also have a secret plan that threatens the entire universe.  Can Teggs stop the star pirates before he has to walk the plank....?

Star Pirates£
Astrosaurs - The Sun-Snatchers by Steve Cole

A gigantic star-swallowing menace is on the loose, leaving worlds freezing in it's wake!  The astrosaurs must find the monster and stop it.  But all the time, other dangers are drawing closer...

Astrosaurs - The Forest of Evil by Steve Cole

When crops die and dinosaurs disappear on the farm-world of Noxia-4, Teggs and the team investigate.  They soon learn that the planet's dark forests are home to a strange and deadly evil that could destroy the all...

Forest of Evil£
Astrosaurs - The Sabre-Tooth Secret by Steve Cole

The reappearance of a dino spaceship lost for 300 years spells danger for Teggs.  How has a pack of savage sabre-tooths got on board? What menace is chasing them through space?  Only the astrosaurs can unravel the mystery - they hope!

Sabre-tooth secret£
Astrosaurs - Revenge of the Fang by Steve Cole

Teggs can't wait to see his old schoolmates, Blink and Dutch, at the Astrosaurs Academy reunion. But when they are kidnapped by an evil group known as the FANG, he soon discovers some old enemies out for revenge!  With his friends' lives at stake, Teggs must betray his loyal crew and become a space outlaw - at the mercy of the FANG's cruel forces..

Revenge of the Fang£6.99
Astrosaurs - The Robot Raiders by Steve Cole

The astrosaurs are called to Mekta, a super-city for rich dinosaurs.  But mysterious raiders are stealing Mekta's robot servants.  Can Teggs and the gang uncover the computer-crazy criminals in time?

Robot Raiders£
Astrosaurs - The Dreams of Dread by Steve Cole

Teggs and the gang find themselves trapped in a deadly dream world!  here they are forced to face the revolting raptors, dangerous dung-demons and scary sabre-toothed bananas of their nightmares.  Can they escape back to reality, or will the dreams of dread keep them prisoners for all time?

Dreams of Dread£6.99
Astrosaurs - The Twist of Time by Steve Cole

Killer carnivores have discovered a strange liquid with the power to turn back time.  They plan to change plant-eating dinos everywhere into helpless babies!  Can the astrosaurs stop them before time runs out - for good?

Twist of time£



Dinosaurs Galore by Masayuki Sebe
code 467592

Inside this book there are puzzles and games galore!

Look out for all the dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs Galore£6.99
The Extraordinary Dinosaur of Mr Waterhouse Hawkins by Barbara Kerley & Brian Selznick

Can you imagine a time when nobody knew what a dinosaur looked like? 

This inspirational, true-life story teaches us all about the importance of following our dreams.
Waterhouse Hawkins£10.99
A Heroes Look at Dinosaurs

This book explains about dinosaurs in a way that is clear and easy to understand, separating fact from fiction.  At the same time you will enjoy the fun games, colouring in and activities.
A heroes look at dinosaurs£3.99
Dilly and the Goody-Goody by Tony Bradman
(Blue Bananas - Simple stories for developing readers)

Dilly's mother invites a good, quiet dinosaur to tea.  Dilly, the world's naughtiest dinosaur, invents some messy new games and soon there are two naughty dinosuars on the loose!

Dilly & the goody goody£4.99
Dilly and the Birthday Treat by Tony Bradman
(Blue Bananas - Simple stories for developing readers)

Dilly has promised to be good for the whole of Dad's birthday.  Gulp!  Can he do it, or will he be just a LITTLE bit naughty?

Dilly & birthday treat£4.99
Usborne First Colouring Book Dinosaurs

There are lots of different dinosaurs to colour in this fun book, and stickers to add to pages

First colouring book£
How to draw Dinosaurs

This fantastic book is full of imaginative ideas for drawing all kinds of dinosaurs.  There are scaly ones, fierce ones, cute ones and lots more.  All you have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions.
How to draw dinosaurs£4.99
National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs by Catherine D Hughes

Beautiful illustrations of more than 50 dinosaurs

Fascinating facts that are perfect for beginning readers or for reading aloud

A world map introducing children to geography

Parent tips that help kids learn beyond the pages of this book

And much more!

First big book of dinosaurs£9.99
National Geographic Kids The Ultimate Dino-Pedia by Don Lessem

Love Dinosaurs?  This is the book for you.

The Ultimate Dinopedia is the most complete, most beautiful and most up-to-date look at the dinosaur world.  It bursts with astonishing artwork.  It amazes with fantastic facts.  It captures the newest, coolest paleontology.  Meet the smallest, largest, fastest and slowest dinosaurs known.  Find out the most famous dinosaur mistakes.  Judge winners in the greatest dinosaur battles of all time and discover much more!

DK Readers Level Pre-level 1 - Meet the Dinosaurs

Clever dinosaurs, huge dinosaurs, scary dinosaurs - which do you like best?

Pre level 1 - Learning to read.  High frequency words. Picture word strips, picture glossary and simple index.  Labels to introduce and reinforce vocabulary.  High level of adult participation helpful.

Meet the dinosaurs£
DK Readers Level 1 - Dinosaur's Day

Gentle, plant eating dinosaurs live by the river.  What happens when a fierce meat eater approaches?

Level 1 - Beginning to read.  Simple sentences and limited vocabulary.  Picture glossary and simple index.  Adult participation helpful.

Dinosaurs Day£
DK Readers Level 2 - Dinosaur Dinners

It was eat or be eaten in the days of the dinosaurs.  Step back in time and let them tell you themselves!

Level 2 - Beginning to read alone.  Longer sentences and vocabulary.  Information boxes full of extra fun facts.  Simple index.  Occasional adult participation helpful.

Dinosaur Dinners£
DK Readers Level 3 - The Big Dinosaur Dig

It's a race against time as Josh Smith and his team dig up dinosaur bones in the desert.

Level 3 - Reading alone.  More complex sentence structure.  Information boxes and alphabetical glossary.  Comprehensive index.

The Big Dinosaur Dig£
DK Readers Level 4 - Dinosaur Detectives

Come and track dinosaurs with the earliest fossil hunters and modern-day geologists!

Level 4 - Proficient readers.  Rich vocabulary and challenging sentence structure.  Additional information and alphabetical glossary.  Comprehensive index.

Dinosaur Detectives£
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Childrens books

Islands by Shelia Anderson
First streps non-fiction
code 343660

In the First Step Non-fiction Landforms series you can find out all about the Earth's different landforms.  Learn all about Islands with fun facts and exciting pictures.

You will discover:
What an island is
How islands are made
What the world's biggest island is.
Coasts by Shelia Anderson
First steps non-fiction
code 343653

In the First Step Non-fiction Landforms series you can find out all about the Earth's different landforms.  Learn all about Coasts with fun facts and exciting pictures.

You will discover:
What an coast is
How the sand on a beach is made
What animals live near coasts.
Harry and the Snow King by Ian Whybrow & Adrian Reynolds
code 383729

Harry has waited for the snow to come.  The first fall brings just enough snow for him to build a very small snow king.  But then the snow king disappears.  Harry is sure it has been kidnapped.... Should he call the police?  Or is there more to this mystery than meets the eye?

Read all about Harry - before the discovery of his famous Bucketful of Dinosaurs!
Harry and the Snow King£4.99
I-Spy Minerals, Rocks & Fossils

Updated and with all new photographs, I-Spy books are the perfect travel companion.

Minerals rocks & fossils£2.50
I-Spy On A Car Journey

Updated and with all new photographs, I-Spy books are the perfect travel companion.

On a car journey£
I-Spy Great Britain

Updated and with all new photographs, I-Spy books are the perfect travel companion.

I-Spy On The Motorway

Updated and with all new photographs, I-Spy books are the perfect travel companion.

On the motorway£
I-Spy Isle of Wight

Updated and with all new photographs, I-Spy books are the perfect travel companion.

Isle of Wight£
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History and Reference

Discovering Dorothea by Karolyn Shindler
Code 571388

The life of pioneering fossil hunter Dorothea Bate

Karolyn Shindler has rescued a remarkable woman from undeserved obscurity.  Schindler's excellent book serves to illuminate not only the travails of fieldwork a century ago, but also the problems faced by women seeking to carve out their own intellectual space in the sometimes stifling atmosphere of respectable Britain.


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General guides

British Seashells by Paul Chambers

A Guide for Conchologists & Beachcombers

In this first study of it's kind for 140 years, conchologist Paul Chambers explores the British coast to discover the wealth of seashells on offer from easy-find muscles to must-find rarities, only available in certain areas.  Using origional prints by renowned Victorian artist George Sowerby, this is a must-buy book for shell collectors (conchologists), naturalists and beachcombers alike.

As well as providing an identification guide to over 400 species of British seashell, this book offers a cultural, historical and scientific insight into our marine shells and the people that have been associated with them.  Superbly researched and detailed, this unique book is a perfect guide to the British seaside.

RRP £25
British Seashells£9.99
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Isle of Wight General

Isle of Wight Visitors Atlas & Guide

Detailed tourist map at 1.5 inches to 1 mile (1:42,240)
Places of interest, natural attractions and holiday destinations
Detailed town plans with street indexes
Comprehensive guide to places of interest
IOW A-Z£5.50
Ghosts of the Isle of Wight III by Gay Baldwin

The number of reported hauntings and apparent ghostly happenings in the Isle of Wight continues to grow.  Gay Baldwin has been inundated with new reports of unexplained occurences.  This book contains a completly new selection from her files.

Ghosts 3


Ghost Island Book 5 by Gay Baldwin

All new stories include:  Horror at Clarence Road; A Body Swinging Gently; Ryde's Most Haunted House; Dead Man Walking; Lady in Black; The Curse of Dodnor.  Meet a liturgy of lost souls like the Railwayman's Ghost, The Tragic Princess and a Poltergeist called Charlie.

plus many more...
Ghosts 5£7.95
Even More Ghosts Book 7 by Gay Baldwin

In this biggest book yet, read of ghost-trains at Whippingham, ghostly soldiers and haunted forts, spirits on a seaside pier, a haunted zoo and even more ghosts at Osborne House.  Keep watch for ghost ships; meet ghostly smugglers in their old haunts.

No book on Ghost Island is complete without more eerie encounters at the Island's most haunted place, the vanished mansion of Knighton Gorges.  Read what happened when mediums made contace with the spirits there...
Even more ghosts£9.95
Isle of Wight Walkers Map

AA Map 16 enabled by Ordnance Survey

1:25 000 scale

4cm to 1km - 2.5 inches to 1 mile

Walkers Map£
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