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Pocket-money souvenirs.We sell a variety of educational games, toys and dinosaur related souvenirs. Our shop stock is continually changing as we are able to source more items, however some of our more popular items are listed below. If you wish to make an enquiry or purchase an item please email the shop.

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Dinosaur socks
 Dinosaur socks -
 assorted types and sizes

Dinosaur Goods & Cards

The Art of John Sibbick

With prints from original paintings by leading Natural History artist John Sibbick

These mugs and postcards are exclusive to Dinosaur Isle - you will not find them anywhere else.

Postcards (15 x 10.5 cm) 30p each or as a set of 21 (the 12 images as shown plus 9 images not shown) for £5.00

Mugs are white bone china with printed design.  They are dish washer safe.  Mugs are £5.75 each

Designs are shown below.  Please make a note of the code of the design you require.
Baryonx Wealden Scene
code JS1

from an original painting © John Sibbick
code JS2

from an original painting © John Sibbick

from an original painting © John Sibbick
Alaskan Migration

from an original painting © John Sibbick
Aucasasaurus attacking Titanosaur nests

from an original painting © John Sibbick

from an original painting © John Sibbick
Iguanodon Floodplain

from an original painting © John Sibbick

from an original painting © John Sibbick
Crocodiles Protosuchus Pristchampus Sebecus Seinosuchus

from an original painting © John Sibbick

from an original painting © John Sibbick
Australopithecus Africanus

from an original painting © John Sibbick
Apatosaurus herd, Ceratosarus foreground

from an original painting © John Sibbick

Card  & envelope

Card is blank for your own message

Card  & envelope

Card is blank for your own message
Watch Out Dinosaur Party Cups

8 party cups
Party cups£3.25
Dinosaur Cupcake Decorating Kit

Recipe card for cupcakes & buttercream
24 bright muffin cases
brilliant blue dazzling cake glitter
12 assorted edible dinosaur cake toppers
brush to apply the glitter
Cupcake kit£10.00
Dinosaur Magnets
code 104760

20 Wooden magnets in a wooden box
magnet box£16.99

All-new dinosaur cards based on the latest scientific findings.

Illustrated by internationally renowned paleo-artist, Mineo Shiraish.

63 single cards and 12 special quad-cards.

5 cards in each pack.  Randomly assorted. 
Dino Hopper

Bounce back to the prehistoric age

with caveman club, footpump & fabric cover
Dino hopper£19.99
Dinky Dino Baby Comforter

also available in red, green & yellow
baby comforter£6.95
Squiggle Dinosaurs

Squiggle dinosaurs is a doodling good time!  It's entertaining and encourages children's creativity as they transform squiggly lines into dinosaurs.
Squiggle dinosaurs£5.00
Chunky Puzzle Dinosaur

Age 2+
7 chunky wood dinosaur pieces
chunky puzzle£7.99
Puzzle in case

18 large puzzle pieces and handy storage case with handle
puzzle in case£15.50
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Tyrannosaurus Rex
code 057808

2-4 players.  Ages 6 and up

Every player starts with four different dinosaur.  The aim is to race your pieces round the board from the desert to home.  But beware.... Tyrannosaurs Rex is lurking and waiting for a juicy meal!

The classic Dinosaur Board Game where a bit of strategy and some luck are needed to avoid being munched!
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Dinosaur Isle souvenirs

Dinosaur Isle Tea Towel£3.45
Brass Bookmark - neovenatorBrass bookmark£3.15
Embroidered Patch - 10cm square Dinosaur Isle Patch£2.35
Dinosaur enamel pin badge. 

Dinosaurs available: 
Triceratops, Pteranodon, Tyrannosaurus, Protoceratops, Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus
Colours may vary
Pin badge£2.99
Mouse MatsMouse Mat£2.75
Plush Dinosaur Isle T rex

Available in brown, green or tan
Dinosaur Isle T rex£6.25
Ceramic Wind-up 'Dexter'

Our very own neovenator - Dexter - who can be seen in the museum.

Wind him up and watch him walk across the table
wind up Dexter£1.99
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Outdoor goods

Dino Explorer Matress

153 x 66 x 16cm
Everybody knows that kids are not the same size as adults and of course their camping gear should reflect that fact.  The new kids dino explorer matress is sure to lull any intrepid knight off to a good, sound sleep and adventurous holiday dreams
Explorer matress£6.00
Dino Explorer Sleeping Bag

165 x 70 x 40cm
body length 130cm
Shell: 230T Microfiber 100% polyester
Zipper: 2-way seperating
Construction: Two layer, loose shell construction
Filling: 650 gram lsofill
Lining: 230T Microfiber 100% polyester
Weight: App. 1000 gram
Pack size: 20 x 34cm
Features: Rigid hood, termocollar insulation around the shoulder area for extra protection from the cold, full length zip baffle, anti-snag zip guard, inside mesh pocket & cap compression sack
Dino Explorer Table

Open and folds in seconds
No assembly required
High strength durable steel
Light weight and easy to carry
Includes carrier bag for easy storage and portability
Fabric 600D 100% polyester
open size 35 x 35 x 35cm
Weight 1.0kg
Dinosaur Sleeping Bag

The exterior cotton/polyester fabric features colourful dinosaurs and palm trees on a gold background.  The 100% cotton flannel interior and matching pillow are royal blue.

Measures 30" x 66" when zipped
Travel pillow and vinyl zippered storage bag included
Opens flat to top a bed
sleeping bag£34.99
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Mineral Products

Large Clock.

Stands 30 cm high.  Takes 1 AA battery.

Also available in white marble or Woodstone.  Please note height varies slightly dependant on which stone has been used and clock faces also vary on each model.

Natural stone so patterns vary 

Pictured in Fossilstone but AVAILABLE IN ONYX ONLY
Large Clock£59.99
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Lips Earrings by OMYGOD London

2.5cm x 1.5cm
clear crystals

Lips earrings£9.00
Happy Face Earrings by OMYGOD London

1.5cm diameter
clear crystals
Happy earrings£13.99
Scrunchie by OMYGOD London

Bow measures 6cm x 5cm
Black velvet band
Shown in pink crystal but also available in blue or white
Hair Comb by OMYGOD London

Flower and bow design with clear crystals. 
Hair comb£4.50
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CD-ROMs and DVDs

When Dinosaurs Ruled Asia - Land of the Dragon
The Discovery Channel

We're going in search of the dragon and answering some of the most important questions about how dinosaurs dominated the world.  We'll explore the latest in a series of discoveries in China which are extraordinary for a variety of reasons: the quality of the fossil preservation, the completeness of the fossils, the age range and how they seem to finally confirm that dinosaurs really did evolve into birds.
Land of the dragon£11.99

Fossils, Rocks & Time
Physical geography II series

In this program students will discover the relative time scale, the various forms of life in the rock layers and explore the Numeric Time Scale.  This program also discusses the three main concepts, which are important in the study and use of fossils.

Subjects covered include:
How fossils represent the remains of once-living organisims.
Why most fossils are the remains of extinct orgamisms.
The kind of fossils found in rocks of different ages differ because life on Earth has changed over time.

Fossils rocks and time£19.99
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Dinosaur Isle Jigsaw

70 piece jigsaw puzzle.  Approx 190 x 135 mm. 
Dino Isle£2.99
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