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Friends of Dinosaur Isle (FODI)

About the group

The Friends group has been in existence for a number of years and is formed of a broad membership consisting of local people and members from the mainland ... This page is designed to link to the Friends own website, and to report on projects and displays that have received financial support from the group.


The aim of the Friends is to support the museum in its mission to be a centre of excellence in the acquisition, conservation, display and interpretation of the Island's dinosaurs and diverse geological heritage.


The Friends objectives, like those of many other museum Friends groups, is to create a greater awareness of Dinosaur Isle, to promote the importance of the museum collections and to raise funds to purchase objects and improve their display that without extra financial support would be difficult to achieve.

Funds raised to date

Fundraising thermometerThe Friends Group have raised £4,500 as of January 2013. Fundraising activities continue.  See the Friends website (details below) for what is happening.

Projects, Displays or other purchases funded by the Friends

Presentation of chequeAt the end of 2011 the Friends provided financial assistance towards the purchase of a new display cabinet that is currently being filled with fossils from various collectors. This cabinet has a glazed top which contains two large Iguanodon neck vertebrae (donated by collector Stephen Birch). In the cabinet below are a series of glass panelled drawers containing smaller fossils.  Presenting a cheque for £1000 to the manager of Dinosaur Isle Peter Pusey (left) is Dr Jeremy Lockwood, chairman of the Friends of Dinosaur Isle.

Members privileges

Members have free entry to the museum. They are given the opportunity to preview new exhibitions, and when possible to see conservation in progress. Guided walks to areas of geological and palaeontological interest on the Island can sometimes be provided by staff from the museum. The museum Education Room is provided for the use of its AGM.

FODI provides its members with a regular newsletter, and has currently established a new website. It organizes talks for its members on matters relevant to the museum and its collections.


For further enquiries, or to apply for membership please email (details below) or write to FODI c/o the Museum.

email: fodiiow@hotmail.co.uk

website: http://friendsofdinosaurisle.org/

Correspondence address: FODI c/o Dinosaur Isle, Culver Parade, Sandown IW PO36 8QA


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